Sunday, February 14, 2010

Off and Running in 2010

Hola Javelina Journalism students and fans. We're off and running in 2010 and there are some new and exciting things happening in the field of Communications in our university. First, the concept that print media rules the world of communications has now been erased. In our South Texan news room, it's online first, print 2nd. Our Plan 21 - to transform our news room from the old let's wait a week to print the news to let's put it on right now, right now - is being implemented. While we still have lots of gaps in accomplishing our goal, the effort of adviser Mr. Don Fisher and his online staff, as well as the cooperation of editor Amanda Marcum and publication lab director Angela Palacios, has made this transformation a bit easier. We're on the way to teaching our communications students that convergence has arrived at TAMUK and that knowing a little bit about every form of digital media and print media production is essential to success as a journalist, not to mention just finding a job out there in this very tight job market. So, good job thus far, but know that we have a long and treacherous road ahead.
Dr. Flores

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