Sunday, February 14, 2010

KUDOS - Eligible for $100 Scholarship

Print: A solid first effort of the semester saw many good efforts from our staffers. In the end, KUDOs is going to Claudia Garcia. Claudia had two front-page stories and also helped layout and design a page. The first issue of any semester is always hard to get ready for. It's obvious that Claudia had her boots on and was ready to work. Congratulations Claudia. You're in the pot for the $100 end-of year scholarships.

As for online, the work of Paul Camarillo to get to get the site going is impressive. Paul, too, is in the pot. Congratulations.

Jan. 26 KUDOs
Print: Claudia Garcia
Online: Paul Camarillo

Print:This was not one of our best efforts for the print edition. However, we still had individual performances that did need to be recognized. Claudia Garcia, Michael Bolman, Mark Molina, Allen Fisher, Jaime Gonzalez and Artie Leal (among others) did very well. In the end, Artie's effort wins out. Way to go Artie, your new column will attract readers and your analysis for Super Bowl was one of the most-read articles (thank God) in this very weak edition of our student newspaper. You're in the pot for the $100 end-of year scholarship.

The online team continue to work very hard. The video stream of the baseball game was very impressive as well as the video of the candidate for dean of Arts and Sciences. A very close decision, but we give KUDOs to Sabrina Reyna. Way to go girl, or is that "inappropriate."

Feb. 2KUDOs
Print: Artie Leal
Online: Sabrina Reyna

A solid issue with much hard work and dedication from staffers to bounce back from the fiasco of the previous week. There were many good efforts here. Jaime Gonzalez' lead front page article on "Javelina Spirit" was excellent. Allen Fisher's review also very well done, albeit misplaced on pi. Allen also had a solid story on the TAMUK author and artist on page 3. Adolfo Castillo had two solid Campus News articles on page 3. Micahel Bolman had solid story on the Wind Symphony. Nndy had a fabulous column. Artie had a great action shot. mark had his usual and solid effort in sports. All-in-all, a good effort overall. KUDOs this week, however, go to our newcomer and rookie Allen Fisher - a.k.a. "Big Fish" - for his solid all around effort. Well done Allen and welcome to The South Texan. You're in the pot for the $100 end-of year scholarship.

Online wise, Michael Bolman has stepped up to the plate to try to help us catch up in a wee when some people were out of pocket.

Feb. 9 KUDOs
Print: Allen Fisher
Online:Michael Bolman

The strong point of this issue was that we are understanding the modular concept of modern newspaper layout and design. But, also, there were some strong reporting efforts. We are very pleased with Claudia's leading article, Edwin's report on the MSUB, Katherine's strong story on the police chief and Raymond's artwork theft story on pi. Inside, including sports,we also had some reporters who shined, including Claudia, Sabrina Reyna, Michael Bolman, Jaime Gonzalez and Mark Molina. All wrote very well. Good job. However, Sabrina Reyna's effort was inspiring. She just recently became a journalism/communications major and has truly helped us with her versatility. She works for both the print and online edition, is one of our main photographers and shoots video. She is our most complete communicator on our staff right now. So, for that, Sabrina Reyna, you are appropriately in the pot. You're in the pot for the $100 end-of year scholarship.

Online wise, Paul Camarillo gets KUDOs for his ideas on how to help improve our live video streaming of the Javelina baseball games and for his reporting of sports events online. Well done Paul. Thanks.

Feb. 16 KUDOs
Print: Sabrina Reyna
Online:Paul Camarillo

Print: This was one of our better issues, in spite of some layout and reporting blunders. The paper was laden with informative and poignant stories. The layouts were decent with exception of Spanish page. Many people did very good work. Micahel Bolman had a myriad of stories (three in all) and Claudia Garcia and Sabrina Reyna has very good reports and photos. Nndy Oheri had a solid news article and a good column. Allen Fisher had a good feature story and Artie Leal had a solid column. Edwin had a good story on the visiting chef and did the Spanish page. Lots of work, I know, thanks to all. KUDOs, this week goes to Michael Bolman. He keeps working very hard and is improving vastly as a journalist. It's wonderful to see him grow, gain confidence and spread his wing span. He is becoming multi-talented and nothing can hold him back, not even Sabrina R. saying he "inappropriate." Good job, hito, your in the pot for the $100f KUDOs prize.
As for online, Michael, too, has done a great job here updating material and making corrections So, congratulations, again.

Feb. 23 KUDOs
Print: Michael Bolman
Online: Michael Bolman

March 2 ISSUE
Print: This was a solid issue with a lot of good reporting. Certainly, Edwin, Michael, Nndy, Sabrina and Allen were in mix to get the award this week. Allen missed deadline and Sabrina was doing videos and could not concetrate on, its Nndy, Michel and Edwin. As for online, Michael, continues to a great job s, ocongratulations, again.

March 2 KUDOs
Print: Michael Bolman, Nndy Oheri, Edwin Vasquez
Online: Michael Bolman

March 9 ISSUE
Print: We had some strong elements in this issue but we have a long way to go. At least we shifted over to InDesign. Angela, good job. Online:

March 9 KUDOs
Print: Claudia Garcia, Edwin Vasquez
Online: Jennifer Garcia

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