Sunday, May 2, 2010

Critique April 13, 20, 27 Issues

The last three issues have seen some of our best work and pointed out some of our weaknesses. We continue to make silly mistakes both on print and online and we have yet to organize ourselves properly so that online and print don't run into each other. Finally, two weeks ago, online get its "stuff" together by having its own board. From that point on, Michael took charge as editor, which is really assignments editor like a metro editor for a daily newspaper. Paul re-designed the website and it's almost there and the Sabrinas and Claudia put in extra effort online. Well done. Our major "mess up" was the Legacy Ball with the name of our president's wife. I don't want you to feel too bad about this. Essentially, it boils down to the fact that Mr. Fisher and I didn't press you on the matter to make sure you had the correct name. I saw both Dr. Tallant and his wife Karen at the KEDT PBS Fund Raiser Saturday night and I could tell they both were hurt. Mrs. Tallant was very aloof and apart until I finally made he smile and she warmed up to us (The South Texan) again. We are a very visible part of the campus. People know what we do, who we are, where we are and how many mistakes we make. They count them and repeat them, including in our very own department. I know, I know, at least they check us out.

With two issues left, let's see if we can finish strong. Let's try to make as few mistakes as possible. Also, during this final two weeks, you will be in charge on your own. It's time that you realize that it's your newspaper and your website. Make the best of it. Okay?

April 13 - We dropped the ball on the most important news event of the week - Asian Pacific Heritage Month Banquet. As a result, we were sent scrambling to get details of what happened since none of us showed up for the final event. Then, we had no photo and the one we used reproduced badly. People noticed that. They called and some wondered what the flowing yellow gown was. On pi, there were two good stories by Edwin. Now that he is gone, who has the courage to cover those stories? Someone needs to step up. Who will? Page 2 had a nice photo of the barefoot walkers and a good story by Edwin. Claudia, Jaime and Allen did an excellent job of reporting for the Campus News page 3. Nice stories, nice layout. EdOps had some provocative columns and editorials. Mark's column is sure to get him in trouble. Mark, I would not eat at the cafeteria fo a while. The dorm editorial was very good after Angela and I fixed it. The sports page had a very good feature by Clifton Thomas. We had decent coverage but we can do better. On the rec center material, Mark did a good job. Photo spread was not thrilling.

So, who gets KUDOs? It goes to Edwin Vasquez and Mark Molina. Well done, gentleman. As for KUDOs for online, that would have to be Paul who continued to work hard on a redesign.

April 20 - This was a solid front page. Good job. The story on the AAF was solid but the headline was weak. We used the word Marketing because the group named itself that and that gave the impression that the Business Department had done this. It wasn't Business, it was Comm-TA. Oh, well. Page 2 had a good review by Claudia and was well-designed. Claudia, we still need work on your reviews but you're getting better. "Green Tip" surprised me...."gamers?" Page 3 was solid campus news page. Page 4 EdOps lacked focus. Sports had too many sports information stories and a good rewrite on Clifton hitting for cycle. We need to do better. Page 6 Legacy Ball coverage was a disappointment.

So, who gets KUDOs for this issue? Claudia Garcia for her three stories. All very well done, I might add. As for print, this goes to Sabrina Reyna for the coverage she gave to news events and the videos she produce. Thank you.

April 27 - Just when I thought we had turned the corner, we get to the April 27 front page. First, lead photo is horribly weak. I can't see who the person is. Second, who is that person behind the "It" hair? We must, I repeat "WE MUST" identify people with our cutlines. To make matters worse, who are those guys having fun in the sun? I don't know? Do you? Carlos Alvarado had a good story on Jacque Thomas. Thanks. Page 2 had some surprises. Michael Bolman may have written his best story on the "Poop coverage." Ha. Nice work, Micheal. On page 3, both Katherine and Claudia had good stories. EdOps disappointing. This is where I found out we had a SGA election. Are you kidding me? That should have been pi. Amanda, we have to do better with this. Isn't Tania our rep, or was it Edwin? We just need to do better with this. I'm disappointed. Mark, you did well on sports. Nice coverage and work on free agent signings. However, when something of this magnitude happens, you must use a mug shot so that people know who the young men are. I told you to do this but you must have forgotten. Layout was almost there. Still need to use "bigger" photos. Miss TAMUK coverage was just above average. We could have done better. Nuf said.

As for KUDOs for this issue, well it's hard. Now that Edwin is gone, Claudia has become or most prolific reporter/writer and again had a myriad of stories, photos, etc. She again had three stories in this issue. But Sabrina Salinas, Allen, Katherine, Mark,Carlos all had excellent stories. The problem with this issue, almost as always, are the photos and weak layouts. So,KUDOs goes to Sabrina Salinas for her front page story on Earth Day and also for her continuous effort on her weekly column. Nice job.

KUDOs for online goes to Michael and Paul for finally working together. Ha.